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A Novel Electronic Recording System For Swine Health & Production Data

What Can Data Pig Do?

  • Electronic swine health recording program
  • Used collaboratively by piggery workers, managers & veterinarians
  • Simple and intuitive pen side tablet application complemented by cloud data storage
  • Synchronises with veterinary prescribed medication lists
  • Provides accurate treatment and vaccination dosage instructions
  • Additional features include pig removal recording and performance monitoring

Data Pig Brochure

Download the Data Pig product brochure to find out how Data Pig can benefit your farm.

Where does Data Pig fit in with current technology?

  • Novel functions for the recording of individual and group swine health and production parameters
  • Functions alongside commercial herd management programs
  • Replaces paper records with electronic quality assurance compliant records

Why is Data Pig important for the Australian swine industry?

  • Enhances the reputation of Australia’s pork industry as progressive, sustainable & productive
  • Provides valuable antimicrobial usage data to safeguard the longevity of the pork industry
  • Contributes positively towards Australia’s National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy
  • Embraces the power of technology to close the physical gap between vets and rural producers
  • Overcomes concerns with accessing farms due to human or swine disease outbreaks

Why is Data Pig important for piggery owners & managers?

  • Ensures compliance with quality assurance systems through comprehensive recording
  • Replaces unreliable and inconsistent paper records
  • Enables vets to play a more active day-to-day role
  • Allows critical decisions to be made with whole team input (owner, manager, vet)

Why is Data Pig important for piggery workers?

  • Provides accurate dosing information for medications & vaccinations
  • Displays medication and vaccine withholding periods to minimise potential MRL breaches
  • Facilitates the dissemination of data collected by piggery staff in a timely manner
  • Enables efficient decision-making leading to improved welfare and herd health outcomes

To reduce, refine and replace antimicrobial usage, we need to identify areas of improvement through accurate data recording and benchmarking.

Why is Data Pig important for veterinarians?

  • Provides real time visibility of treatment data and deaths to allow better evaluation of treatment protocols
  • Streamlines tracking of vaccine use, treatment plan compliance & animal removal trends
  • Enhances monitoring of health protocols implemented on farm
  • Improves preparedness for on-site farm visits and remote communication

How Does Data Pig Work?

Farm user app

  • Application available on a range of iOS & android devices
  • Switch effortlessly between individual users using one secure farm login
  • Pen side application with seamless online and offline operation
  • Synchronises with veterinary prescribed medication lists
  • Accurate medical treatment and dosage instructions based on animal class, number of animals and clinical signs of disease
  • Automatic dose calculation of individual and group water treatments
  • Monitor active treatments via individual treatment cards
  • Administer routine vaccinations for all classes of pigs
  • Record pig movements and animal removals for inventory monitoring
  • Store pig performance data to track pig weights during production or trials


  • Customised farm production parameters including weight curves
  • Import individual animals from existing herd recording programs
  • Add batches of progeny pigs or use unique IDs for untagged pigs
  • View veterinary prescribed medication lists, tailored treatment plans and current vaccination lists
  • Access treatment, vaccination and animal removal records
  • Access animal movement data and performance reports
  • Export PDF treatment records for QA audits or raw data in excel
  • Access data analysis reports via PowerBI web-based platform

Example reporting using data from the program

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